So Long! Farewell! Aufwiedersehn! Good[bye]

Yes yes...I know I changed the words just a tiny bit, but I couldn't help it. It's what came to my mind when I realized I should type up a sort of farewell.

I'm guessing this does not come as a surprise. I mean, it's been MONTHS since my last post. Aubrey is already 9 months old (and I haven't even taken her 9 month photos yet! *gasp* Though I've thankfully taken all her other monthly sets of pics...mostly on time).

It's not that I don't enjoy sitting to type up a random post about my day or share my heart with all of you. And let's be honest, sometimes I'm really preaching to myself when I type up an "on my heart" sort of post.

But with all the adjustments that came when we welcomed our second, and with all the activity and nurturing and life being lived over here, something had to give, and I was certainly not going to give up my time in the word without a fight - not that I get it every day, but it certainly is my goal. (You guys, any time I think of spending time with my Jesus, I hear the words to "Lord, I Need You" playing over and over and over. I cannot be a good mom, wife, sister, friend without Him. I need Him daily!) So when it came down to the wire, I found myself cutting out Facebook - if you head over to my page, the last post you're going to see is...honestly, I'm not even sure because I haven't checked it in months, but I cut out both my page and my personal account; it's all gone - and not taking time to sit and write.

I can and do enjoy writing, but I have journals for my children and my hubby I would much rather see words put into and taking time to write in those is even difficult.

All of this to say, I will miss my blogging community via sharing myself here in this small space of the web. I do plan to stay connected by reading the blogs I was already following when I can, which honestly is a rareity, but I do enjoy when I am able.

Here's to closing this particular chapter in my life! May you all enjoy your holidays!

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