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Hi! My name is Megan. I am a blessed wife, aspiring pianist, avid reader, chef-on-the-side, closet poet, hobby artist, homemaker, science nerd who is first and foremost a beloved daughter of the Most High King. I strive to live each and every day in light of the blessing it is to have all of my senses, a wonderful hubby, a precious girl who is growing too fast, a great family (even though some are hundreds of miles away), and am lacking nothing physically or monetarely. I hope and pray that through the life I live my Savior and my God would be glorified.

I (re)started this blog to be an outpouring of my thoughts, heart, and ramblings, as honest as it was when it popped into my head or occurred. No vails. Not withholding anything. Just a wide open book ready to share life with those who are ready to enjoy the journey with me. You may notice my archives go back to 2007. I originally began blogging at that time, but it was an off and on activity for me. After I found out Ben and I were expecting, my older sister (Lindsey blogs over at A Dollop of My Life), encouraged me to begin actively blogging again to chronicle Zoë's life, along with family life and my thoughts. I have to say I'm really glad I listened because I'm enjoying knowing I have all these tidbits of our lives tucked away in my little corner of the web.

I write about motherhood, marriage, the crazy thoughts I have swimming around my head, and my faith in Christ. You may note that the latter permeates a lot of what I write about. If you happened on this blog and find that some of it is confusing, please do not ever hesitate to shoot me an e-mail (mylifestidbits [at] gmail [dot] com) or find me on twitter or facebook. I am more than happy to answer questions and wouldn't mind sharing more with you about why I talk about what I do.


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