My Family

I am married to my best friend, Benjamin, who I met on February 1, 2009, and began dating on March 14, 2009. It wasn't long before we knew we were meant for each other and 9 months later he asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him :) 10 months later we said "I do". He has a heart for Jesus and without a doubt I know I'm first here on earth! His servant heart shows in all he does. Not to mention, his hard work ethic proves I will never be wanting in anything as long as God is gracious to bestow a job on my hubby. He's a fun filled, "nerd at heart", book reading, Hebrew-learning (and loving), gamer, outdoors loving, humorous, sweet heart!

SURPRISE! We found out #1, Zoë Grace, was on the way July 15th, 2011. Although it was definitely not our timing, we knew God's timing is always perfect. On March 13, 2012, Zoë made her grand debut. As I spend time learning my daughter and seeing her personality begin to unfold (and yes newborns have a lot of personality), I am amazed at how God has blessed me and Ben. Adjusting to the newness of it all has not come without it's struggles but I hope I will continually search for the rays of sunshine in every moment for my time with her is limited and I never want to wonder what I did with it or why I wasted it.

Then there is our first "baby" who stole our hearts in less than a weeks time. Louis Scy is an extremely playful, affectionate in his own way, absolutely hates to not be with his people Wire Fox Terrier. It is safe to say he will be a great dog. Unfortunately, Ben and I had to make a tough decision and gave him to a home where he will be given the time and attention he needs. God provided a WONDERFUL family for just that which he went to be with on Christmas Eve 2011. Although we will always miss him, we only felt it was fair for him to be given all he deserves and were sadly unable to provide it with all the changes we were making and would have to make for our growing family. We will always love you Louis and hope you will love your new family just as much and more than we think you will!

This picure was taken just before he went to his new home.