Home Sweet Home

Yes! Not that it hasn't been home since we came home after the honeymoon; it's just now all in place with no junk (well most junk) thrown away. Definitely no boxes!

Here are some pictures for those who haven't or won't be able to see it for a while. This is for you Linds :)

Although you obviously can't see the lithograph, the picture hanging on the left side of the bed was done by Ben, inspired by me :) Didn't find that out until after we were ready to hang it on the wall, but it's no wonder I love it: Ben knows me quite well!

Some of our many books :) We aspire to have a library one day.

Chests of drawers and hamper, which, surpisingly, all the dirty clothes makes it to...I'm wondering how long that will last.

Our "hallway" (if it can be called that). You will soon notice our small area requires a few extra "space organizers"

Our tiny shower. The corner caddy is awesome! And I am still in love with the colors/print we picked.

The tiny vanity. We've made it work though. Notice he is gracious enough to let me keep out the everyday hair products I need.

The living area. For not a large space, I think we've made it rather functional. We're just not quite sure where the Christmas tree will go...

Our big bookshelf :) LOVE IT!!! It's on the same wall as the green love seat and recliner. If you notice at the top, Ben loves swords. These are all Japanese swords: Samurai swords, if you want to be exact. From the top: Katana, Washizaki, and Tanto. Just a few of his many: there are 2 Lord of the Rings replica swords waiting to be hung in our bedroom, plus a Polynesian War club and 2 daito (practice swords in plain-people speak) in his closet. There is also a box he has with ceremonial dress from Yemen with 3 knives for the outfit. More specifically, we had to make sure we communicated that he would only practice outdoors for the rest of his life. His old bedroom at his parents has plenty of black marks on the ceiling from practicing indoors :)

Our desk,filing cabinet, and another "space organizer". They are technically in the dining area but we have yet to even have a table.

My teeny tiny kitchen. I'm definitely down to utilizing every last inch of usable space in this place. I think I will pee my pants from excitement the day we ever move and my kitchen is any larger! I've become so used to working my way around that I don't even think of how small it is (THANK YOU LORD!).

Like I said: utilization of every last inch! The open space is what I spread myself out between while cooking. I've learned to become really creative :)

The masterpiece leaning against the wall is going to go in the middle of the crosses. It's a ceramic tile project Ben made during a ceramic class.

So there you have it. This is our home...our very first home sweet home :) I'm absolutely loving married life. To be with Benjamin whenever we're both home is awesome! Sometimes we do things together, but even when we're doing our own thing I find the thought of knowing he's there so comforting. He truly is my best friend, the one God intended for me. And it makes me smile thinking of how blessed I am by God and how much fun it was "making" our very first home.


The Wait is Over

Wow! I knew it had been forever since I posted, especially with the wedding fogging my mind (in a good way, of course). Hopefully, I will become more in a habit of blogging on a frequent basis...expounding on the day and allowing for mind expansion through thought is healthy, I believe.

Anyway, Ben and I are finally married! It's been 17 days since we said "I do" and I must say I'm loving it :)

It doesn't feel extremely different as far as our relationship goes. It's just nice knowing my best friend will either already be home or coming home after I get home from work. It's enjoyable, in a share-the-burden sort of way, to have to discuss and work out our finances; at least, when we agree it is enjoyable. Fortunately, we haven't hit any big road blocks there yet.

One aspect of marriage I never contemplated is getting your first home organized and made into a home! It's a lot of work: shopping with the gift cards to purchase remaining needed items, washing new dishes/utensils/etc, organizing all the different bills/accessories/rooms (even when its not much space). Just the thought alone makes me tired. However, my wonderful husband helps me with a lot of the organization and has even made comments about how he enjoys doing the every day tasks with me.

Ahhh the newness of marriage! I know it will not always be this way, but I enjoy it. And I enjoy knowing that as time goes on it will only get better because we will have spent more time knowing one another.

I don't know why but this reminded me of an incident with a patient today:

The reason evades me at this moment, but a male patient, with his wife in the room, looked me straight in the eye while saying, "The man it head of the house and what he says goes [or something to that affect]. You can look it up in the Bible; that's excatly what it says."

I looked at his wife, who was retorting, then back to the patient, who was trying to negate her with a higher volume as he repeated himself.

I couldn't listen to this man, who is blatantly incorrect (see Ephesians 5:22-33), without stating what I knew to be right. Not only had I known this reference from previous reading, but Dr. Kevin McKee had used it, at our request, in Ben and my ceremony. So without hesitating, I looked at the patient and said, "No sir, it states the exact opposite of that. Scripture blatantly says the man is to be head of the house as Christ is the church and laid himself down for her. He is to be a servant leader, not dictate." Of course, I paraphrased, but I knew it was close to hitting the nail on the head.

Unfortunately, the man would not listen. I feel terrible for his wife. And I love my husband even more!

I am so grateful Ben whole-heartedly believes what scripture says in Ephesians and honestly strives to be that type of husband.

I am so amazingly blessed by God!