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This is where I'm going to keep tabs on books I've read and book recommendations that I would like to read, eventually. I've also been inspired to create an "Unread Library" list in hopes it will motivate me to read every book on that list. The idea is a bit daunting, as we own a TON of books. Seriously. Ask my friends and family - I have quite a "library". Part of it was aquired in 2010 when I married my hubby, but a large portion was from me. I was inspired to do this after I read Kayla Danelle's post.

Here's to keeping actual paper & ink going strong! Not that I'm against electronic readers; I just think the original with all the distinct, wonderful smells of the pages can never be beat :)

I will do my best to keep track of the books I've read off our shelf on my page An Ever Growing List. I will link any related posts to reading and/or our home library below. Enjoy!

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  1. do you use Goodreads? I'm obsessed with it. It has helped me organized the ridiculous amount of books I own, want to read, have read. Yay for fellow book obsessed people!! whoop whoop!


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