The Book Obsession


It is a constant war within myself to say whether I feel it's good or bad that I love to read. Not going to expound on that here. Just making the statement. To keep it real.

And I originally started this post in hopes of finally getting myself to post the list of books on our home shelf here. I like to call it our mini-library. I mean, we're growing closer to having 400 books. We need to stop purchasing books.

Anyway, my point is as I was starting to type it out, because for the computer to simply allow me to copy and paste it from the excel file I have (yes, of every book we own, minus children's titles, with author and series and genre...beginning to see the obsession yet?), when I realized just how tedious of a task I have ahead of me. And so, it may really be a while before the process ever is complete.


I knew I was obessessed. But that obsessed. Well...let's just say my eyes were open a bit to how much I'm attached to my books...

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  1. oh girl i love books...seriously LOVE books i'm building my own library too! Currently my brother and i have well over 500 books!
    I'm going to be turning one of my rooms INTO a library so i can stash all of my books in one location! ha.


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