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This weekend, I made sure our home was ready to welcome our first visitors: my in-laws (aka Paw Paw and Honey or Curt and Debbie) :) What was really nice was pest control even came (of course, I did request it considering I've seen way too many roaches over the past week, dead or alive) and sprayed EVERY room. I'm really hoping the roaches pack there bags and hit the road.

This weekend, I enjoyed watching Zoë interact with people, aside from myself or Ben, on a consistent basis. It was cute to see how she interacted with Curt and Debbie differently.

This weekend, I was blessed by their generosity on multiple levels. Though I didn't take a picture, they wanted to give us a house warming gift. Originally, they wanted to give us a nice BBQ pit. (Ben tells me it's called an ol' smokey.) You know, the kind you can smoke meat in and make it oh so yummy? BUT, the problem there is we're not supposed to grill on our patio. And there was absolutely no way on earth I would let Ben lug a previously used pit through the entire apartment so he could cook. Nope. And really, we're not in need of anything else. Except a toy box. So we went to IKEA. Found what we liked. And have a "toy box" that can morph into any use we pretty much want it for as Zoë and any subsequent children we might have grow older.  Here's a factory image:

I love it because it's not your typical "plastic frame, kid print, hinged lid" toy box. The frame of it is a bench. And then the front of it is connected to a rolling drawer that isn't attached to the bench. So if I ever need to, I can roll the drawer out rather easily. And it has ample of storage space. A huge blessing to my organizing loving heart!

This weekend, we spent the day at the Zoo. It was a lot of fun getting to see all the animals enjoy the gorgeous weather and allowed for some good quality time and exercise. (Curt wears a pedometer and it told him we walked 3.2 miles at the Zoo. Fun while you exercise.) Here's a couple of pictures I snapped while we were there:

Love Sea Turtles! This guy was loving sitting in the stream of water from part of the tank.

Zoë with her Paw Paw and Honey at the front of the Zoo

This guy was cracking us up

He kept trying to drink water pouring out of a pipe in the wall

Sea Lions are so cool :)

Ever seen a Shoe Bill Stork?

Enjoying themselves some rays

Sunbathing Otter. SO cute! 

Even the Ring Tailed Lemurs were sun bathing. See how the one of the left has its arms open? Maybe you had to be there but these two kept trading places for who was posed like that. So funny.

This belonged to the Ring Tailed Lemurs Exhibit. Curt said, and I quote, "This is evidence that the Ring Tailed Lemurs are related to man." Oh brother! HA!

This little monkey tuckered out in her stroller :) So sweet. Always makes me wanna snuggle up with her!

May I say cute?

Baby loving on his mama :)

I'm gonna take him home one day. The Swift Fox. So tiny and cute!

Got horns?

This weekend, I was gifted a date night out with the hubs. We went to a movie, which I think has been a long time in the making. Unfortunately, The Hobbit and Les Miserables were both only playing way too early for us to see. BUT, we did catch Silver Lining Playbook. So. Good. I would have to watch it again to make sure I wasn't just enjoying it because its been a few months since I've stepped into a theater, but from the one viewing, I'm pretty sure it's worth owning. 

This weekend, I tryed to snap a couple pics of Zoë with her Paw Paw and Honey each. I captured a pretty funny one of Curt with Zoë:

We laughed when we looked at it on the camera. I'm still laughing at it just looking at it.

Here is a better pic:

And Zoë with Debbie (I wasn't able to capture one with both looking at the camera. Zoë just didn't oblige.):

And that about wraps up our weekend. This week I'm hoping to get out and find my bridesmaid dress for my lil sis' wedding, continuing to work on my study and actually get to go this week (I missed this past week so I could take the little one to have a rash checked out) :(, and possibly even just driving to learn this tiny ginormous city a little bit more. Well, at least my side of it.

And I'm looking forward to next weekend because my lil and her fiancé are supposed to be coming in town! Yippee!!

How was your weekend?


  1. Maybe because everyone hyped it up so much but I didn't enjoy Sliver Linings Playbook as much as I thought it was. It was good just not the amazing I was expecting.

  2. Oh my gosh - LOVE that pic of the otter. SO cute! :)

  3. Oh man! That giraffe is cuuuute! We have two baby giraffes at the one animal park but there are no adults. I think having the hugeness of the adult giraffes makes the little one even more adorable!

  4. oh my gosh-Zoe is adorable!!!
    what a nice weekend!


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