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Ok, so I'm currently lacking words for the water I'm about to tread. So I will send you to my bloggy friend Laura. She's written two posts on sex trafficking that I think shed pretty good light on the horror that is a world-wide menace...there isn't a good word for it. It is horrible. Wicked. Corrupt. A complete and utter abuse of human life. You can read her posts here and here.

I was made aware of it when some people I knew started talking about how they knew someone in my home town who had been a victim of it. She was rescued and because she was only in it for such a short time didn't go back.

But the reality is, many women who are victims of that horror go back. It is all they know. And the fear of what might happen if they run wins out to the desire to be free of it.

You should read this newspaper article.

And though I really don't know what else to say, I would urge you to learn more about this. Figure out how you can help, even if it's becoming a voice to begin spreading the word.

I googled "sex trafficking houston". This is what comes up. The newspaper articles are recent you guys. This is not just happening on someone else's home front. And even if it was, we should still raise our voices together. Because human life is made in the image of God. And as such, it is sacred. That which is sacred should not be treated this way.

The End It Movement is trying to collaborate to raise awareness, unite voices, and help organizations that are in action to stop this.

Please, don't turn a blind eye to this. Help is needed. You could be that voice.

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  1. So glad you are talking about it! It NEEDS to be talked about! I'm totally ticked that I didn't have anyone really tell me about it until I was 33. THIRTY-THREE!!! I should have known about this way before that. I should have known that it was happening in my country... MY CITY!

    We need more people talking about it.

    I wear a bracelet that says "girls are not for sale". While Liza (who is six) doesn't not know the details behind it (a bit too young yet) she does know already that girls are not for sale. It's a great place to start.


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