One is Around the Corner

And I simply cannot believe it is.

Yesterday I was anxious as I didn't know what to expect of labor and delivery of my first baby. Now, here I am mid-blink and she's 11 months old. I'm pretty sure I'll still not have finished blinking before she is one. Shoot, I've heard they leave for college in the blink of an eye, so maybe I won't have even finished half of the first half of a blink.

Time is sand slipping through my fingers.

Did I make it all I could?

She's just growing so fast. So fast that I'm excited and a little hesitant to type out what her 11th month looked like.

11 Month Stats
  • Somewhere along the road, you were either not weighed properly or lost a little bit of weight between your 9 month appointment and now. We had to take you to the doctor for a persistent rash and because Daddy and I decided to try a different ped (oh and we LOVE him, btw. You liked him. His office has called to check on you. I loved the way he interacted with me, is knowledgable, takes into account what I've noticed and doesn't make me feel stupid. Yeah, we just loved him all the way around!) and found out there you weighed 19 pounds 8 oz. That was two weeks ago. Last week you were up almost a pound. (We had to go for a follow-up visit.)
  • Just this past weekend you went from scooting with a little bit of crawling to full time crawling. You crawl everywhere
  • You love to pull up though you rarely care to make it to your feet. You like to pull up to your knees and start bee bopping. It's SO cute! And what's funny: I'm pretty sure you know it because you frequently accompany your dancing with a cheesy grin.
  • Every now and then you will "cheese" for the camera with the cutest cheesy face I've seen.
  • You're in all 12 month size clothes. Pants are going to be a terror to keep up on you as you're only in the 35th percentile for weight. And of course, you're still in the 75th for height. That's what you were given by your tall daddy and on-the-taller-side mommy.
  • You began clapping your hands on your own this week. It makes the cutest, tiniest little sound. You are so proud of yourself for being able to do so.
  • Whenever Daddy or I say "baby" you attempt to repeat it but it comes out "ba ba".
  • Though technically this should go in next months post I felt I should put it here since you started doing it this past Thursday, and that was only the day after your 11 month birthday: you signed "more" to me. You were asking for more of your toast with peanut butter. SO cute! Oh and you clapped your hands after you got more and fed yourself.
  • Which leads me to: you self feed completely; of course, with the exception of any "runny"/soft foods (ie yogurt, apple sauce, cottage cheese, etc). The last half of a meal is usually spoon or fork fed by whoever is helping/watching you because you lose interest and start throwing your food.
  • You love to throw objects but balls in particular. You will entertain yourself by throwing a ball, crawling to it, and repeating the process until you decide you're bored. You also like when someone will sit with you and roll it back and forth.
  • You are full time into throwing mini temper tantrums. If I pick you up for nap time but you're not quite ready, you will toss? fling? flail your body around in hopes I'll drop you. Thankfully, I haven't dropped you in that instance yet, but the day will likely come. (Also, notice I said "in that instance". You have been dropped when we play because you either have thrown yourself back or tried to move while I'm holding you upside down. You dare devil you!) You make pouty faces like no other and the hardest part: you're A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. when you make them. I'm always stifling a laugh while you do. Heaven help us if you figure out you're cute while pouting! Oh and I'm not looking forward to when you truly throw a toddler sized temper tantrum. I already know Jesus is slowly preparing this momma for all the grace, peace, and patience she will need in those moments!
  • You finished cutting your sixth tooth. You're still working on 2 and right now your nose won't quit running because of them. You also kept me up all Monday night because the only way you would/could sleep was in the rocker in my arms. I just thanked God I have the ability to do such and soaked up the moments because I know all too soon I won't be able to hold you like that anymore. Here's what I find cute though: you have your very front four top and bottom teeth. The other two teeth are right next to those, but one on the top and one on the bottom right side. You're cutting the other top and bottom teeth to match (so on your left side). Your sideways grin melts my heart!
I attempted to take some pictures of you on your 11 month birthday, but it wasn't so easy. You just love to be everywhere. And you really like to pull anything on your head off. Which means, I can barely keep a bow on there long enough to get a good pic of you with one in. I'm wondering if that will ever change and if that is any indicator of you eventually refusing any really girly clothes. Though you sure do act like a diva at times.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics I thought worthy of posting:
You are such a cutie. The ribbon was the only way to get pics of you.

"Oh my goodness! I'm how old?!"

"Say WHAT?!?!?!"

This is what I fought to keep the bow on you. You LOVED untieing it :)

My lil cutie!

Loves you sweet Zoë girl!

You make an irresistably cute mad temper tantrum face...oh dear!

And this...yes, this is the best shot I was able to get for your "see how I'm growing" photo. :/

Sweet Zoë,

To say a year has passed just seems so unbelievable. I love you more every day and am truly enjoying watching your personality continue to unfold and grow. You bring so much joy to mine and your Daddy's life. I hope that as you grow we are able to show that in a way that lets you know you are truly loved. You are so precious to me! I cannot imagine life without you and am so grateful God has chosen to bless my life with the gift of yours.

Love you forever,


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