Why, Hello Weekend!


That's how I feel.

This week has been emotionally draining to say the least.


My sister and her fiancé are headed this way to stay for the weekend.


And we're going to have fun. Laugh. Enjoy one another's company. Have a "slumber party" for a couple of days (girls in the bedroom and boys in the living room. Oh, and Ben volunteered to sleep in his sleeping bag on the floor. The boyscout in him lives on!).

Well...that's about all I have in me.

If I had used my good camera I would show you a video of Zoë's new learned "trick": she can clap her hands! And it makes the cutest, tiniest little noise. L.O.V.E! And it literally is new. She did it for the first time this morning. Melt. my. heart. This music loving mama is so proud.

Happy Friday, folks!

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