This Weekend, I... [v. 3]


Life has been a whirlwind around these parts with guests coming and going over the past 3 weekends. Let me say as much as I love the company, I'm loving having my home back to myself. My hermit-tendancies-self has missed being able to sit in quiet.

I'm pretty sure that my husband's job going haywire last week due to one of his employees quitting hasn't helped the lot. Though let me be clear, I am not complaining about the lengthening of his hours. I don't like it, but it is nothing compared to what we left back in Baton Rouge. I am grateful he has a job that still generally gets him home at a decent time and will not always require weekend hours. I am grateful for him because what we left in Baton Rouge was two jobs with over 60 hours every week. What he has here may occasionally boost him over 60 hours in a week, but it isn't the norm and as such he isn't as sleepy as he used to be. (Let's be honest here, the man could fall asleep anywhere at anytime of the day. Drive me crazy? You betcha! But we've learned to laugh about it. Because he really could fall asleep on concrete if he didn't have something occupying him.)

Anyway, on to...

This weekend, we visited with my mom/Gigi. Let's just say Zoë loves her Gigi. She was cheesing it and laughing. Hugging her. No kisses were given but she wasn't giving me kisses this weekend either.

This weekend, I went shopping with my mom at T.J. Maxx and IKEA. Mom wanted to visit IKEA since she had never been. She wasn't too impressed with it, though there was some stuff she enjoyed. We both had fun at T.J. Maxx and I was thrilled to find a dress for my little sister's wedding. I had ordered a dress from Target, but when I tried it on...well, let's just say it didn't hang on my frame well and looked not so great.

This weekend, I had very few photo ops of my mom with Zoë, but I did capture them playing together. Not the best shot, but still one for keeping the memory.

This weekend, we (re)visited one of the churches we've really liked. It was so nice to actually go to church after having not been for three weeks. (I was sick, then Ben's parents were in town, and then my little sister and her fiancé.) My mom left Sunday morning before church so we were able to go. The great part about it is I've really felt like that church could be our home church here. I hadn't said much to Ben because I wanted both of us to be following the Spirit's leading and I also wanted to be sensitive to following Ben's lead. When we were driving home I was asking him what his thoughts were on our "church search" process. We had a great conversation that ultimately ended in we both felt like God wants us to join that church. YAY! I'm still rejoicing in knowing there is a place God wants us to plug into for equipping and finding areas to serve both in the church and in our community.

This weekend, we decided to apply for a ministry opportunity called ApartmentLife (I'm going to call it AL). We both feel that even if God calls us to long-term, overseas missions at some point, spreading the gospel doesn't need to wait. We heard about AL through the CARES team here at our complex. Though being a CARES team isn't necessary for witnessing and building relaltionships, it is a great opportunity to meet many of the people in our apartment complex that we might not meet otherwise.

That about wraps up our weekend.

Hope everyone has had an enjoyable Monday so far!

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