The Weekend...A Little Late


Life over here just seems to be letting me float right along with it. And when I float, I frequently don't sit in front of a computer typing. Though I dream posts up in my head.


...parts of posts :)

But this one, yes, this one has been in my head for several days, so it's got to be wrote.

(Yes, I'm purposefully wrote the last sentence like that. Don't know what got in me, but it did and I'm liking it. So yeah :) )

Anyway, we have had a influx of visitors over the past few weeks. First it was Paw Paw and Honey. Then my mom is coming in to town this tomorrow for the weekend.

But this past weekend, my little sis and her fiancé came to town.

And we had fun :)

They arrived early evening Friday. We sat around and talked. Which with us, always involves good times.

Then Saturday we headed out to George Bush Park. Oh I am in LOVE with that park! It has a wonderful playground for kids. And it is surrounded by acres of land. Seriously. They have a 10 mile hiking/walking trail that extends out into all parts of the city. And the playground is surrounded by open fields which makes for great...

...kite flying weather. (Look at how serious Ben is about that kite flying. My nerd :) )

It didn't turn out to be as sunny as we thought it would be (or warm), but we enjoyed ourselves none the less.

Zoë and Auntie Laura watching the boys work on getting the kite in the air. Make my heart happy.

Zoë was way too distracted to look at the camer...

...the soccer ball was more interesting.

Unfortunately Zoë didn't look as excited as she seemed about going down the slide with Aunt Laura.

She LOVED riding on Uncle Jacob's shoulders while he kicked the soccer ball.

The best I could get of the three of them. She loves her Uncle Jacob & Aunt Laura!

After the park, we decided it'd be fun to try out one of the free art museums in Houston's down town area. However, the Contemporary Art museum was chosen, and Ben didn't realize we didn't know what that would mean. So we were completely unprepared. You guys, my stomach still churns and heart still fills with empathy for the emptiness of it all. It was so so void of purpose. And some of it was straight up gross. I'm pretty sure we left in less than 30 minutes. Some people may not understand, I know my husband didn't leave with the same nausea and heart ache that I did. But I just can't look at stuff like that. 

Saturday evening we went to Fazoli's. It was funny to see Jacob's reaction to it as he had never been before and because Laura had built it up so much, he thought it was going to be a bit different than what it was. Let me give you the back story here: our family used to go to Fazoli's for lunch almost every Sunday. And I say almost because if it wasn't Fazoli's it was Mexican. (We like our carbs people. Don't hate, ok?) Anyway, Fazoli's, for those of you who don't know, is a fast food italian joint with the. best. breadsticks. E.V.E.R! Hands down! And their dishes are decent for fast food. So of course, Laura talked about how great it is. And it is. But how she talked about it made Jacob think we were going to a nice, sit down restaurant. (Similar to Olive Garden or Bravo!.)

Oh how yummy are those breadsticks! And even Zoë, the carb refusing baby, loved them.

Sunday we went to the Houston Children's Museum, which was a lot of fun. I think I had the hardest time enjoying it since I put Zoë in a carrier to put her at eye level with everything I did. I can't wait to go back and try out the Tot zone. Looked like something Zoë will love. However, it was ridiculously crowded so we opted to not go in there. I hope that wherever we live has a great children's museum because I could see myself going with my kids on a regular basis as long as we have one. A healthy, mind-growing, fun activity!

The rest of the day we just enjoyed one another's company. Played scrabble. Just had a good time hanging out. Oh and we consumed a batch of cookie dough. Both in dough and cookie form :)

I'm pretty sure Laura and I stayed up every night until at least midnight talking. It was like the good old days of sharing a room and a bed.

Zoë decided it would be a great time to become a full time crawler while they were here. It was really weird to realize that in the blink of an eye she had pretty much quit scooting and was crawling to everything. 

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend.

The week just came way too fast and Monday night greeted me with a night full of no sleep as Zoë's teeth (at least, that's my guess) bothered her all night despite ibuprofen or tylenol.

And thus, here I am on Wednesday filling you in on our weekend.

Hope your week didn't start off with the bang mine did!

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  1. Aww... this post made me miss my sisters.

    Pittsburgh has a children's museum but I haven't been to it. It's IN the city and I don't do city driving... especially in Pittsburgh because nothing makes sense and every time we go we seem to get lost.

    Hooray for crawlers!


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