What a Patient Taught Us

So, although this did not happen to me, I must share.

Yesterday at work, one of my coworkers had all of us rolling on the floor. Why? Although it would be better if she could tell you in person, words here will have to suffice:

She was holding the door open for an elderly patient, who kept her balance with a walker. Just as the patient made it to the door way, she stopped, leaned over her walker, and asked my coworker, "You want to know some real *%&?"

Without giving my coworker time to respond, the woman leaned closer and said, "Inside every old woman is a young lady asking, 'What the @^$! happened to me?!"


I still am laughing about that! How can you not? Just thought I would give every female out there something to laugh at. 


Momma Time

Maybe I say this a lot, but I really enjoy spending time with my Mom. Not to mentiont it makes me feel good when I'm at work, I get a call from her, and she wants to know if my night it free so we can spend time together. It gives me warm fuzzies. Makes me feel loved. Plus, it's my mom. I love my mom!!

So we spent time together once I was off work.

We made Taco Salad together.

We ate dinner while skyping my older sister and 2 nephews. Of course, B-man wanted to know where "Unda Ben" was only to be very disappointed because he was not here (he was working). Then we laughed as we watched C army crawl ridiculously fast across the living room and B proceeded to dance for us. Makes me sad I'm so far away from them :( At least technology lets us talk with live video.

And of course we enjoyed good conversation.

Very enjoyable. Always!


Loooong Day EQUALS Short Post

To summarize my day: I felt like a chicken with my head cut off.


No reprieve.

Needless to say I did not want to cook tonight, so I picked up some reliably cheap Taco Bell.

Now I am home, I am watching Louis romp around all while trying to keep it to a minimum since he was neutered last Friday. The vet told us to "keep activity to a minimum for 7-10 days". Then the tech walked out with my puppy wiggling himself into a frenzy. Ok. You keep him calm. Thankfully, all looks well and we have avoided the dreaded collar considering he actually does not tend to lick it (THANK YOU LORD!). Hoping continued success in this area.

He may be the deciding factor in when I go to bed. I feel like I could go now. I'm just not sure I trust my puppy will sleep now, thus I will not rest now. So, I might as well let him play some and rest up in the recliner.

Good night all!


Mom Day

Yep - I got to spend some decent time with my mom late this afternoon. I'm really glad to live so close to my parents and even more blessed to have a mom who is also my friend now I'm grown. We went and picked out new glasses for me, since its that time of year. Then we went and goofed off at Target to look at clothes, followed by dinner at Mi Padres. Yummy Mexican food :) Not a ton to say about it other than I really enjoyed being with her.

Now its off to get my grocery list ready for tomorrow. And maybe if I get the gusto for it, I will bathe my dog since its time for his flea medicine. Oh joy!

P.S. I am trying to keep a consistent blog, but Thursdays will probably be a definite weekday and then of course the weekend I will not blog. Ben and I are taking Financial Peace University. If you have never heard of it, I highly recommend it. My older sister, Lindsey, and her husband went through it a couple years back and really learned a lot from it. I'm excited to learn what really should be every day knowledge and yet so many people do not take the time to really do their finances right!

Just a Kickin' Away

Yep. Got to see you today, little one. Tomorrow starts week 10 and boy were you just kickin' up a storm in there. It was so cute to see you move around and bob your little tiny feet and toes around. Always exciting to get to see you and hear your little heart. It lets me know you're safe and sound in there :) Next time we see you you will have grown a lot - I don't think we will get to see you again until around 20 weeks.

Here is how big you have become since the last sonogram:
You have a fast little heart beat at 174 bpm!

You like to keep your hands close and let your feet and legs move around :)

Your daddy likes to talk to you :) He frequently pats my belly and tells you to behave. Silly daddy. He also likes to tell Louis that he is going to have a little buddy very soon. I hope he's right because I just think it would be so precious for you to have a dog you grew up with, especially if you guys were best buds! He is only a year older than you will be so I think it's only safe to say you guys are going to have a special bond.

There are so many people already who are thrilled you are going to be entering our world! I still am in disbelief sometimes that you are growing inside me, but I'm definitely getting excited now :) I hope and pray every day I will love you just the way you need to be in order to help grow in you all God desires you to be. So precious and very loved! Glad you are growing healthy!


Mmmm...to be lazy....


That is exactly what I'm working on - NOTHING!

It is a night I am going to sit back and enjoy sheerly because I can. I have nothing to do. I am actually not completely worn out after work today. So I can enjoy reading or watching a movie or anything else.

And I don't have to worry about my teething puppy in the process because he feels fine tonight. He is playing with his toys all alone and I've already taken him on a walk.

So I treat myself to relax. And type about nothing. That will be my night tonight. Sheer enjoyment of being blessed with it.


Tired Tuesday


I sat at my desk today and was jolted, what seems a gajillion times, as my head started nodding from dozing off in the middle of my work day. Fantastic! Just what I would want my boss to see me doing: sleeping at work!

I still feel that exhausted now, but I'm attempting to keep myself up just a bit longer so I can hopefully get some good rest tonight and hopefully avoid a 0130 wake up with no sleep after.

The part I'm currently thankful for, though: my puppy is teething and for whatever reason, it hit him hard this afternoon. He didn't want to step out of his den. He ate dinner only because I set it on the floor just to throw it up 5 minutes later because he really wasn't hungry nor did he chew with his sore gums :( However, I am thankful for this because it means he has been extremely low key this afternoon. I don't have to play with him. I don't have to attempt to get his energy out. He has none.

For once Louis is on the same page as me: after work comes sleep (or at least a lot of down time)!


My Lost Love

Although these days do not leave much time for wanting, it is quite frequent I find myself wanting some ivory to tickle. To go from spending much alone time with "my" piano (honestly, 8+ hours a day in college) to practically none has found my heart hurting. If I cannot take time to play some on my iPod, I find myself imagining playing.

I dream of owning a piano some day soon. But for now, imagining will need to suffice.

For now I will dream away...


Healthy Heart

We heard your heart beat on Wednesday, Little One. The ultrasound tech said it sounded very good at 154 bpm. And Dr. Kleinpeter said everything is very healthy. He gave us a 5% chance of miscarriage from now until our next visit on the 19th and a 1% after that. All I know is even though I can't control what does happen, I'm going to take as best care of you by taking great care of myself...hoping to hear your healthy heart again in 2 weeks :)

Here are some pictures from your visit:

Your tiny little self with a healthy heartbeat measuring 154 bpm

Those 4 little bumps (2 upper and 2 lower) will be complete arms and legs with fingers and toes in 2 weeks. Quite amazing!

It's finally starting to settle in. To become real (even though my body lies to the world around :]). I'm going to be a mommy. And Ben is going to be a daddy. Our family is expanding!

I must know: how do people really fool themselves to think that it is not a human forming inside them until they reach a certain point in the pregnancy? Even though I was only at 7 weeks 4 days gestation, there is nothing in me that thought it wasn't a baby. And when you hear the heart beat and see the arms and legs beginning to form and everything starting to take form....not a baby?! Pishposh. Absolutely no way they walk away from that thinking its a blob without completely fooling themselves.

Although these thoughts are not much, its about where I am right now.

This is actually real!