Loooong Day EQUALS Short Post

To summarize my day: I felt like a chicken with my head cut off.


No reprieve.

Needless to say I did not want to cook tonight, so I picked up some reliably cheap Taco Bell.

Now I am home, I am watching Louis romp around all while trying to keep it to a minimum since he was neutered last Friday. The vet told us to "keep activity to a minimum for 7-10 days". Then the tech walked out with my puppy wiggling himself into a frenzy. Ok. You keep him calm. Thankfully, all looks well and we have avoided the dreaded collar considering he actually does not tend to lick it (THANK YOU LORD!). Hoping continued success in this area.

He may be the deciding factor in when I go to bed. I feel like I could go now. I'm just not sure I trust my puppy will sleep now, thus I will not rest now. So, I might as well let him play some and rest up in the recliner.

Good night all!

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