Tired Tuesday


I sat at my desk today and was jolted, what seems a gajillion times, as my head started nodding from dozing off in the middle of my work day. Fantastic! Just what I would want my boss to see me doing: sleeping at work!

I still feel that exhausted now, but I'm attempting to keep myself up just a bit longer so I can hopefully get some good rest tonight and hopefully avoid a 0130 wake up with no sleep after.

The part I'm currently thankful for, though: my puppy is teething and for whatever reason, it hit him hard this afternoon. He didn't want to step out of his den. He ate dinner only because I set it on the floor just to throw it up 5 minutes later because he really wasn't hungry nor did he chew with his sore gums :( However, I am thankful for this because it means he has been extremely low key this afternoon. I don't have to play with him. I don't have to attempt to get his energy out. He has none.

For once Louis is on the same page as me: after work comes sleep (or at least a lot of down time)!

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