Healthy Heart

We heard your heart beat on Wednesday, Little One. The ultrasound tech said it sounded very good at 154 bpm. And Dr. Kleinpeter said everything is very healthy. He gave us a 5% chance of miscarriage from now until our next visit on the 19th and a 1% after that. All I know is even though I can't control what does happen, I'm going to take as best care of you by taking great care of myself...hoping to hear your healthy heart again in 2 weeks :)

Here are some pictures from your visit:

Your tiny little self with a healthy heartbeat measuring 154 bpm

Those 4 little bumps (2 upper and 2 lower) will be complete arms and legs with fingers and toes in 2 weeks. Quite amazing!

It's finally starting to settle in. To become real (even though my body lies to the world around :]). I'm going to be a mommy. And Ben is going to be a daddy. Our family is expanding!

I must know: how do people really fool themselves to think that it is not a human forming inside them until they reach a certain point in the pregnancy? Even though I was only at 7 weeks 4 days gestation, there is nothing in me that thought it wasn't a baby. And when you hear the heart beat and see the arms and legs beginning to form and everything starting to take form....not a baby?! Pishposh. Absolutely no way they walk away from that thinking its a blob without completely fooling themselves.

Although these thoughts are not much, its about where I am right now.

This is actually real!

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