Just a Kickin' Away

Yep. Got to see you today, little one. Tomorrow starts week 10 and boy were you just kickin' up a storm in there. It was so cute to see you move around and bob your little tiny feet and toes around. Always exciting to get to see you and hear your little heart. It lets me know you're safe and sound in there :) Next time we see you you will have grown a lot - I don't think we will get to see you again until around 20 weeks.

Here is how big you have become since the last sonogram:
You have a fast little heart beat at 174 bpm!

You like to keep your hands close and let your feet and legs move around :)

Your daddy likes to talk to you :) He frequently pats my belly and tells you to behave. Silly daddy. He also likes to tell Louis that he is going to have a little buddy very soon. I hope he's right because I just think it would be so precious for you to have a dog you grew up with, especially if you guys were best buds! He is only a year older than you will be so I think it's only safe to say you guys are going to have a special bond.

There are so many people already who are thrilled you are going to be entering our world! I still am in disbelief sometimes that you are growing inside me, but I'm definitely getting excited now :) I hope and pray every day I will love you just the way you need to be in order to help grow in you all God desires you to be. So precious and very loved! Glad you are growing healthy!

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