Momma Time

Maybe I say this a lot, but I really enjoy spending time with my Mom. Not to mentiont it makes me feel good when I'm at work, I get a call from her, and she wants to know if my night it free so we can spend time together. It gives me warm fuzzies. Makes me feel loved. Plus, it's my mom. I love my mom!!

So we spent time together once I was off work.

We made Taco Salad together.

We ate dinner while skyping my older sister and 2 nephews. Of course, B-man wanted to know where "Unda Ben" was only to be very disappointed because he was not here (he was working). Then we laughed as we watched C army crawl ridiculously fast across the living room and B proceeded to dance for us. Makes me sad I'm so far away from them :( At least technology lets us talk with live video.

And of course we enjoyed good conversation.

Very enjoyable. Always!

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