Pardon My Absence

I know it's been a week or so since my last update. I have been so busy house training Louis and trying to catch some Zzz's whenever he permits that my life revolves around work, cooking, eating, watching Louis, and sleeping when I can. I think it may even be safe to say I am not online half as much. It may be a bit before I get back into a more normal routine, so pardon my lack of posting for a while.


Louis Scy has Arrived!

He's here! He's finally here!

It has been quite an eventful day today. All of it was filled with Louis Scy, our wire fox who flew in from Kansas City today. It was so precious picking him up: he immediately began wagging his tail as I talked to him while opening his crate so he could come out. He immediately wanted to meet everyone who was with us (yes, we had an entourage come with us: of course Ben and I went, then Jacob, Laura, Mom, and Hope accompanied us!). We took him outside to a patch of grass so he could stretch his legs and relieve himself before we climbed into the car.

His tail hardly quit wagging and he coninually was running up to someone ready to play! I was so relieved he was not so traumatized by the flight.

Once home, he immediately began to explore his new turf and did quite well. We have figured he is quite the stinker with going to the bathroom and does not do all the usual queues puppies give when they have to go potty. Thus, it has been difficult to catch him at times, but we have been sure to praise him profusely when we are able to get him to go outside.

The day has gone well and he was given a clean bill of health and negative for worms by our vet today. WOO! Although it was hard to catch him in action, here a few pics of the new addition to our fam:

 All tuckered out :)

In the middle of sleeping, he did this. Too cute!
I think it's already safe to say my dog will be spoiled :) Love him!



My mind is completely absorbed with thoughts of Louis right now. I know it's not another 6 days until he arrives, but I can't quit thinking about him. Wondering if we have everything we need. Wondering how he will do flying to Baton Rouge. Wondering how he will do with training. Just a lot of what ifs I know I can't control but still wonder and ponder. Happy thoughts. Not much worry. Just thinking through the logistics (oh for the logical mind!).


May I Say Tired?

I don't know why I am so drained, but I am. It may partially be just because I seem to have a had a long day. Nothing in particular happened; not worth mentioning here anyway. I think it's just the trying to (still after years) keep my body adjusted to this new time schedule, on top of a busy day, being stuck in traffic (still not sure what had happened to cause a pile up), and then teaching piano lessons late. I love teaching lessons and wish I would have more energy when I get to that part of my day. However, all energy is typically gone by that time of day.

About the only habit I may possibly change is the sleep pattern. If anyone knows of any helpful tips, please let me know. I cannot seem to get my body off the fact that it likes to sleep from about 12 am to 6/7 am. It does not like to sleep, does not like to get "good rest" and loves for me to seem very tired for most of the day because my typical "energy time frame" is never tapped.


May I Say Dull?

That's how I feel about  my life right now. Aside from the wonderful appendectomy about 13 days ago, my life has been pretty dull. Get up in the morning, get ready for work, go to work, come home, cook something, read or blog and wish Louis was here, go to bed. Start the next day over again.

Yesterday I did have worship rehearsal which went really well. I love serving on the worship team using the gift of piano to serve the Lord with. Such an awesome opportunity to serve. We are teaching this new song, "Carry Your Name" by Christy Nockelsn from the Passion 2011 conference. Here's the video that's on YouTube:

Powerful! I just love listening to her sing...and to be able to bring people before the throne...pure awe of God!!

May His name permeate all we do! "For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen." - Romans 11:36


Immediacy: A U.S. Plague

I don't know how rampantly immediacy runs in other countries. I would assume any country anywhere near or more affluent than the U.S. has the same problem. I'm talking: I want it, so I'm going to get it now. Right now. No wait. No hold up. This very second.

Shoot. I even find myself being that way at times: I log on to my computer and pull up my browser. If it doesn't produce within a few seconds then I'm mumbling about how slow it is. It may be running slow, which means it may take 30 seconds to pull up. And I complain?! Why? Because I'm so used to getting on and waiting possibly 1-2 seconds.

I would hate to be revisited by a ghost from the 1800s. They would look at us like we're crazy. It could take weeks, sometimes months, before they would even hear of what was going on just 30 miles away. Now we have all that at our fingertips. We can find out within the hour of any major world occurence. And we expect it. And if it's not produced, we pitch fits.

I am constantly haunted by this daily. Patients can call me 4-5 times within one single hour "because I really have to start my antibiotic right away. I spoke with you earlier this morning and it's not at my pharmacy. I thought you were going to call it in."

"Well, sir/ma'am," I say, "there is a process for prescriptions to be sent, even though it's electronic. It may not be until after 5 your prescription will be ready for pick-up. I can assure you we will send it today so that you may hopefully pick it up later today."

1645 hours my phone rings. "Um, yeah I spoke with someone earlier and they told me my prescription would be ready by 5 pm."

HUH?! "That is certainly not what I told you," I want to retort.

Oh if only we could slow down and enjoy the world around us. If we would not be taught "you're going to die if you don't start your meds right away". If we could sit back, enjoy the wonderful blessing of the society we live in even with it's flaws, and take life as it comes without hurrying to rush it along.

I'm going to truly work on that this week. I challenge you to do the same: take time. Realize it's ok to plan but to be ruled by those and let it ruffle your feathers when it doesn't go just as planned is ok. To see that just because you're not getting it right now does not mean you're missing out. Waiting is ok. It's actually good for you. It's a toughy, but try. See where you can get with it.


Little to Say

Not much was created in my day today. Just that wonderful feeling of being plowed over and wondering what happened.

I do have to "pat myself on the back" for the gifts I gave my husband for his birthday. Although his birthday was a few weeks ago, his last gift finally arrived safely after tarrying the Atlantic Ocean from the UK to our porch. Sounds expensive, but I got a great deal through e-bay! And he loved it!

Most people wouldn't be too impressed with what I purchased for him - A Tolkien Bestiary by David Day - but my man was thrilled! Not to mention I had purchased "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" for Wii and preordered a copy of the new La Noir, which will be released May 17th (Ben made the wonderful observation it is the same day we pick Louis up). However, my awesome, nerdy hubby thinks its great. He's currently playing Twilight Princess as I type.

It feels good to know even if I may not have that overwhelming sense of accomplishment after a long day of work (and I'm talking 745 AM to 6 PM long), I can come home, relax with my best friend, who thinks the world of me and appreciates me. Just sayin'.