Louis Scy has Arrived!

He's here! He's finally here!

It has been quite an eventful day today. All of it was filled with Louis Scy, our wire fox who flew in from Kansas City today. It was so precious picking him up: he immediately began wagging his tail as I talked to him while opening his crate so he could come out. He immediately wanted to meet everyone who was with us (yes, we had an entourage come with us: of course Ben and I went, then Jacob, Laura, Mom, and Hope accompanied us!). We took him outside to a patch of grass so he could stretch his legs and relieve himself before we climbed into the car.

His tail hardly quit wagging and he coninually was running up to someone ready to play! I was so relieved he was not so traumatized by the flight.

Once home, he immediately began to explore his new turf and did quite well. We have figured he is quite the stinker with going to the bathroom and does not do all the usual queues puppies give when they have to go potty. Thus, it has been difficult to catch him at times, but we have been sure to praise him profusely when we are able to get him to go outside.

The day has gone well and he was given a clean bill of health and negative for worms by our vet today. WOO! Although it was hard to catch him in action, here a few pics of the new addition to our fam:

 All tuckered out :)

In the middle of sleeping, he did this. Too cute!
I think it's already safe to say my dog will be spoiled :) Love him!

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