May I Say Dull?

That's how I feel about  my life right now. Aside from the wonderful appendectomy about 13 days ago, my life has been pretty dull. Get up in the morning, get ready for work, go to work, come home, cook something, read or blog and wish Louis was here, go to bed. Start the next day over again.

Yesterday I did have worship rehearsal which went really well. I love serving on the worship team using the gift of piano to serve the Lord with. Such an awesome opportunity to serve. We are teaching this new song, "Carry Your Name" by Christy Nockelsn from the Passion 2011 conference. Here's the video that's on YouTube:

Powerful! I just love listening to her sing...and to be able to bring people before the throne...pure awe of God!!

May His name permeate all we do! "For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen." - Romans 11:36

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