May I Say Tired?

I don't know why I am so drained, but I am. It may partially be just because I seem to have a had a long day. Nothing in particular happened; not worth mentioning here anyway. I think it's just the trying to (still after years) keep my body adjusted to this new time schedule, on top of a busy day, being stuck in traffic (still not sure what had happened to cause a pile up), and then teaching piano lessons late. I love teaching lessons and wish I would have more energy when I get to that part of my day. However, all energy is typically gone by that time of day.

About the only habit I may possibly change is the sleep pattern. If anyone knows of any helpful tips, please let me know. I cannot seem to get my body off the fact that it likes to sleep from about 12 am to 6/7 am. It does not like to sleep, does not like to get "good rest" and loves for me to seem very tired for most of the day because my typical "energy time frame" is never tapped.

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