Little to Say

Not much was created in my day today. Just that wonderful feeling of being plowed over and wondering what happened.

I do have to "pat myself on the back" for the gifts I gave my husband for his birthday. Although his birthday was a few weeks ago, his last gift finally arrived safely after tarrying the Atlantic Ocean from the UK to our porch. Sounds expensive, but I got a great deal through e-bay! And he loved it!

Most people wouldn't be too impressed with what I purchased for him - A Tolkien Bestiary by David Day - but my man was thrilled! Not to mention I had purchased "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" for Wii and preordered a copy of the new La Noir, which will be released May 17th (Ben made the wonderful observation it is the same day we pick Louis up). However, my awesome, nerdy hubby thinks its great. He's currently playing Twilight Princess as I type.

It feels good to know even if I may not have that overwhelming sense of accomplishment after a long day of work (and I'm talking 745 AM to 6 PM long), I can come home, relax with my best friend, who thinks the world of me and appreciates me. Just sayin'.

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