Devestation Beckons an Urgent Response

*NOTE* Before I get into why I made this post, please understand that to me this is another mission opportunity. Lost souls demand an urgent response from Christ-followers to go out into the world, which can and should include but is not secluded to whereever they are now, and "make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19a)". Period. Both my title and post are not negating this. They were simply formed from the urge in my heart and soul combined with the best possible title/posting I could give with the limitations of the English language. Please read keeping this in mind. Thanks! *END NOTE*

Links to footage and news articles in both devestating situations:
Japan - Raw Footage              Japan - CNN article                Japan - BBC

I know Japan is still recovering and will be for a long time. The South here in the United States is now in devestation as well (I just learned of it last night). The earth is beckoning for a major response; urgency is demanded in these situations. Those who are able to go help in the relief effort should. Those who are able to give financially should. All should be praying that God will work in miraculous ways, heal and comfort the hearts of those who have lost someone or been effected by the devestation in any way (and I'm not saying it will be soon. The grieving process is LONG and HARD! Just that God would meet them in the place they are in), heal those who are currently hospitalized, and harvest those who are ripe for Him.

I cannot even imagine a life without Christ in either of these situations. The overwhelming peace He gives - I would live with constant, life-altering, fear and nightmares just by watching this if it were not for Him.

Dear Jesus, please show those who will that you offer peace even in the most humanly incomprehensible situations! Move in the hearts of those who are able to help physically and financially. Move in the world to lift millions of prayers interceding for those in these situations. May we bond together to make a force strong for Your glory and Your praise!

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