Healing...I wish it was like Magic

Oh the boredom that sets in. And the largest problem: I know that were I to try and do everything in my normal daily routine (aka work, clean, cook, etc), I would fail miserably. I can barely take a shower without needing a 3 to 4 hour nap afterwards.

I walk in the kitchen, prepare leftovers on a plate, eat the left overs, have possibly enough energy to rinse the plate off, which takes me 10x longer right now, and sit in my recliner to pass out.

You would think that I was 97 years-old with a ton of health problems the way I sleep right now. I can go to bed at 2000 H and not wake up, save a possible bathroom trip at 0500 H which is when my bladder is trained that I am awake, until 0830/0900 H. That's over 12 hours of sleep. And then what do I do: I take at least two more 3 hour naps in the day.

The great part is that I know it's allowing my body to heal. I can feel all three of my incisions itching which means they are beginning to heal. They are even beginning to appear more closed and slightly, and I mean slightly smaller.

Ahh... to the life of healing: may I not remember most of these hours that ADD seems to suck away since I cannot remain focused on any one thing for longer than an hour!

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