4 Months

I should be napping. You know, resting while my two little ones are asleep. And yet, I really want to write this out before I take Aubrey's 4 month pictures in hopes I can publish it in the next few days. Life with two kids is the best whirlwind to be caught up in, though I'd be lying if I said it was all a piece of cake.

I can't capture it in these photos, since I'm always by myself, but you smile like this while hiding your face in the shoulder of whoever is holding you
Maybe I should nap and try to write when I'm more awake...the words you're reading are the only ones coming to my mind.

Such a happy girl!
4 Month Stats
  • You have gained 3 pounds since your 2 month visit: you weigh 15 lbs 10.2 oz.
  • Though I'm not 100% sure of how accurate these measurements are, my guess is they can't be too far off as your clothes size seems to say it's right: you measure 25.75 inches.
  • You're in size 3 disposable diapers and after a week of disposables, may I say I am SO happy to be using cloth again because we have had 0 blowouts in them but every dirty diaper was a blowout, even with, in my opinion, the best disposable.
  • You fit in 6-9 month and 9 month size clothes.
Blurry picture...I know. I just love the face you're making :)
  • You are all out belly chuckling. The easiest way to make you laugh is to hold you facing out, then chase Zoë. Squeals of delight and tons of belly laughter ensue when we play that game.
  • You prefer to have someone to "talk" to and will babble for as long as you have someone's attention.
  • You can roll from tummy to back and back to tummy. As much as you dislike being on your tummy, you are almost always trying to get on your tummy when you're on your back.
  • Sometimes you do everything to get yourself on your side to sleep. While you still sleep on your back, I will occasionally have to sneak into the room for something and you're sacked out on your side, usually you're right side.
  • You have found your fingers, though never your thumb. All in the last week you went from sucking on any form of 2-3 fingers, occasionally all four, to preferring your two middle fingers. Also, though you'll use either hand, you prefer your right.
  • You are almost always all smiles. You really only fuss if you've had to wait too long between meals, are overtired, or we've missed the fact that your diaper needs to be changed.
Your smile seriously lights up a room.
  • If you're tired, you will act like you might smile, then pout and cry.
  • You ADORE and cannot get enough of  your sister :) The great part is she wants to play with you a lot too. I'm sure once you're more mobile the two of you are going to be best buds.
  • You are perfecting blowing/making spit bubbles.
  • You LOVE to blow raspberries. This is especially true when we're putting you down for a nap or bed. You will leave a huge wet spot on our shirts from blowing them. We can't help but laugh when you do it.
Goodness you are getting long!
  • Though it may be a while before teeth cut, we're pretty sure you are teething. For a while I wasn't sure if I could feel something under your gums or not. Either way, you're definitely in the stage of needing a bib :)
  • You love Cody. We know because he would lay right next to you and you wouldn't move as much. Also, (oh, how this grosses me out) he would lick you and you wouldn't make a peep. Gag!!
  • You are beginning to reach for objects. Though your hand doesn't always get where you want it, you will focus on whatever you want, lean towards it, and gruuuuuuuunt. 
  • You grasp any object placed close enough to your hands.
You make this face a lot. And, though I'm not sure why, it makes me laugh. every. time.


It has been a joy to have you in my life these past 4 months. Watching you grow and seeing bits of your personality begin to unfold is so fun. You are such a delight, definitely a "happy" baby. I can't wait to see all you add to our family!

I love you!

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