3 Months In...Golly Gee

*Note: so while I had every intention of posting this and writing a little note to Aubrey right around her 3 month birthday, I didn't get to it. Honestly, I don't feel like I sit in front of my computer much these days, though I'm working to figure out the best way to make it routine again. I haven't even uploaded the pics on my camera, so you're getting the ok pics from my phone*

I'm going to play the broken record of parenthood: time flies! My sweet baby is already 3 months old. And I'm lost here on my blog because I'm attempting to soak it all in.

Her smile kills me! Sooo contagious.

As I think back on this past month, I'm realzing there aren't many changes as far as Aubrey's growth. Or I'm so used to being around her, or tired, or both, I'm missing the obivious milestones she is reaching. Either way, I am trying to live in the present and enjoy both of my tiny blessings amidst the difficulties parenting brings.

She ADORES her big sister!

With that being said...

3 Month Stats
  • According to our scale, you weigh a little over 15 pounds.
  • You barely fit in size 6 month clothes, though size 6-9 months is slightly big on you and 9 months is definitely big. Of course, we use those sizes because with cloth diapers, you're definitely too big for size 6 months.
  • You're in size 2 diapers if we use disposables.
  • You haven't repeated it but you giggled at Gigi when we were visiting the last week of April.
  • You have started doing a "shy" smile when someone is attempting to get you to smile. It is SO cute! You'll scrunch one side of your nose up, smile, and hide your face in my shoulder.
  • Zoë gets the best smiles out of you! It is apparent you love your sister and I'm even thinking I've seen some discontent with being stuck while she's running around.
  • If you are propped on your side, you will roll to your tummy. However, I'm pretty sure you're not doing it on purpose as you still hate being on your tummy. The only time you will stay quiet is if I've put you on it when you're sleepy. Then you will occasionally quietly watch and fall asleep if I let you.
  • If I time it right, you take a 2 to 2.5 hour nap in the morning and early afternoon. Then, if you don't decide to have witching hour, which is thankfully generally mild, you will nap from around 4:30 to 6.
  • Depending on your mood, you will nurse anywhere from 15 minutes total to 50 minutes. The longer times are generally your last "awake" time to nurse.
  • You will occasionally squeal. We haven't figured out what brings out the squeals, but they are definitely peals of content escaping your lips.
  • You are perfecting the art of spit bubbles.
  • If I set you on your back on the play mat, you scoot yourself backwards. You've even moved over a little ways from where you were.
  • You've started talking to inanimate objects. You're favorite is a frog rattle hanging off your play gym. However, you've learned to enjoy and like the musical star on the play gym.
  • You've begun smiling and talking to me while you're nursing. It makes for lengthier sessions, but I don't mind. Sometimes you will even coo just to get my attention.

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