2 Months Old

As time continues to fly, I'm beginning to realize the speed at which my children grow is beginning to surprise me a little less, though it still elicits a shake of my head and a little disbelief. I think it always will. Something I am grateful for, though, is how, with time, I am learning to cherish each moment given me. I'm actually finding myself soaking in the little moments.

And it's a good thing too because I feel Aubrey is growing at a more rapid pace than Zoë did, probably because she is bigger than Zoë was at 2 months. (Ha! And soon I will be needing to post a 3 month post. I'm also behind which makes her feel much older.)

(I'm so bummed! I looked at the pics when I took them, but I must have been really tired because they are none as good as I thought I'd captured with my little point 'n shoot. Boo!)

2 Month Stats
  • You weigh 12 lbs 11 oz (84 %ile), measured 24 inches long (98 %ile), and your head circumference was 15.5 inches (85 %ile).
  • You are fully on a schedule now, and though you're a pretty flexible baby, you prefer to stick with your schedule and will find ways to get back on track if I'm not paying attention. Here is what your typical day looks like:
- wake around 7 am and nurse
- down for a nap around 8:30/8:45
-wake somewhere around 11 and nurse
-down for another nap between 12:30/12:45
-if you sleep well, I usually have to wake you around 3 and you nurse
-you either fight this nap and I nurse you at 5 or you go back down for a nap around 4:30/4:45
-either way the rest of the evening becomes crazy because you usually want to nurse when you wake from the nap around 5:45/6ish (I prefer to keep bedtime between 7/7:30, but you won't always nurse well if you eat at 6) or you want to be held the rest of the evening
-bath every other night
-swaddle and nurse while we read and sing with you and Zoë around 7
*note* This "schedule" is more what I aim for and have found makes you most content when we can get it - as noted above that you will try to get back to it if I've somehow managed to get off track. However, there are many days this just doesn't even come anywhere close to being the outline of our day. C'est la vie!

You're my little chubby baby! Those cheeks! I kiss them all. the. time!
  • Speaking of nursing, you're a drowsy nurser, but you like your milk so much that you've managed to figure out how to nurse anywhere from 10-15 minutes/side (sometimes less!) and get everything you need. You almost always look like you're coming out of a milk-induced coma when you're finished because you've partially fallen asleep and usually have a little bit of milk on your chin.
  • You aren't much of a fan of having a wet diaper, to the point I have to change you before the liner is really even completely wet most of the time.
  • Everyone asks who you look like, and while you have many similarities to your older sister, you are also uniquely you, which I love! For instance, your lips are different. And though I can't always put my finger on it, there are just features which make you, well...you!
  • You LOVE to snuggle! There are moments I have thought you were asleep because you weren't moving and had nestled right into me. But when I look, I see you're not even tired, just enjoying being held.
  • You hate tummy time, though you're beginning to tolerate it more as you're able to pick your head up more and more.
  • You hold you're head up really well most of the time. Sometimes you lose control and bang your head into my clavicle or jaw...those moments aren't so pretty, though sometimes I'm more phased by it than you.
  • You started smiling right before your two month old birthday. However, we've noticed you smile with your eyes and will try to not smile with your lips sometimes. It's really cute to watch you and I always wonder what is going on in your mind.
Your first "See How I'm Growing" picture
  • You love, love, love your sister. You enjoy watching her, smiling at her, being next to her. Well...most of the time! You're not a fan of when she is trying to share take over my lap while I'm nursing or holding you. Though I can't say I blame you, as that usually means her comfortable position is uncomfortable for you and I'm maneuvering both of you to keep you from being squished and her happy.
You even allow the torture of an empty bottle. I'm pretty sure she thinks you're her baby doll :)
  • Oh, you're in 3-6 month/6 month size clothes. And though we don't use them that much, you're in a size 2 diaper. If you keep growing at the rate you are, my guess is we will have to buy new clothes for you because the seasons won't match up.
  • You love to work on building leg strength by us holding up you and letting you stand. Sometimes you'll stand for several minutes before you decide you need a break.
  • We tried to get you to take a paci, but with no success. You have a high enjoyment of sucking on your fist, but I guess because you take the bottle like a champ, you expect a paci to put out. And when it doesn't, you squint your face into a "I don't like this" contortion, and promptly spit the paci out. I can only hope you don't start sucking your thumb...
  • We are having a time coming up with a nick name for you. Daddy wanted to call you Bear, but I just don't find that sticking. 
Obviously, this isn't from your 2 month old pictures, but because I took it not much later than your 2 month pics, I had to share it. Such a happy baby with a sweet smile!
My Sweet, Sweet Aubrey,

Though I'm so glad you're healthy, I'm no fan of how rapidly you're growing. The tiny, curled-in-a-fetal-position infant doesn't happen much anymore, though I am grateful you enjoy cuddling. I am so grateful for you! Though I can slightly remember what life was like before you joined us, I do not miss it at all. You already add so much to our little family!

While you seem to be very laid back, you are not shy about telling us what you need. You are very adament about your dislike of a wet bum or telling us when you're ready to change scenery or even if we've kept you up too long. 

I am loving getting to know you more every day! I can't wait to see how your personality unfolds!

I love you!

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