38 Weeks [A Bumpdate]

*NOTE: Some of what I say in this post may sound like I'm complaining. While the pregnancy is getting to be quite uncomfortable as, by this point, all my internal, abdominal organs have been pushed out of their proper place, I'm really trying to state the facts so I can remember what it was like at this point in the pregnancy. Every movement I feel, every discomfort (which may make me cringe or I may wish away in that particular moment), is seen as a blessing I am still carrying my rainbow baby. I see it as a gift because I know God does not owe me the joy of child, let alone another one. Please understand while I wish no one had to feel these discomforts in their pregnancy, I simultaneously sit and pray asking God to bless those who desire children. I am simply listing facts so I have them to go back and look at later. My overall attitude, which I hope is what people pick up on, is one of gratefulness for the blessing I carry.*

How Far Along: I am 38 weeks and 5 days9 days until I'm 40 weeks! (SAY WHAAAT?!?!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Last official weight check says I'm back to having gained only 32. Seems I tend to fluctuate now. I'm perfectly fine with that.

Gimme' some of that!: Enchiladas. Tamales (still haven't satisified that one yet). And ice cream :)

How I Feel: Nauseous. Very swollen - at least in my feet and legs. I feel like part of me is turning into sausages. (Just check out my twitter feed this past week. I took a pic of one of my feet and you can see exactly what I'm talking about.) Exhausted. Ready.

Movement: I'm so nervous this is going to decrease or stop completely. There are many factors playing into fear of losing her and right now my biggest battle is hanging on tight to the promise I serve a good and faithful God, one who allows everything to happen for the purpose of His glory. Though, that being said, my hope is it will glorify Him most for me to bring home a healthy, needy (did I just type that last word?) baby to make our family grow from 3 to 4.

Sleep: Getting maybe an hour and half stretch at a time. I wake to go to the bathroom that often. Or needing to change position because my body aches from the weight staying all on one side.

What I Miss: The ease of rolling over in my bed and the ability to only need to go to the bathroom my normal amount.

What I'm Looking Forward To: My rainbow baby being placed on my chest.

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