The Dog Who Wanted to Go to Work

Yes. My story today happened because I was feeling quite faint - a new normal in my pregnant life. Zoë's gift to me right now is low blood pressure. Along with that comes my body adjusting most mornings after having comfortably sleeping lying down the night before. Thank you Zoë for this new found gift (much much better than the alternative I must say)!

Anyway, I was getting ready to put my lunch in my lunch bag when I had to sit down. After waiting a while, I tried to move around to walk out the door and just didn't feel well enough to walk out there by myself. Ben, being the most wonderful husband there is (seriously! I am SO beyond blessed!), graciously obliged to help me to my car just to ensure I didn't pass out on the way. Thus, we walked out the door with Ben closing it behind us.

Just as we made it to my car, one of the residents here exclaims, "OH NO! Uh that's someone's dog!" Ben and I both look over to see the guy jumping away from Louis! Apparently, Ben didn't shut the door well enough to latch so it opened back up. Louis took that as an opportunity to run and find us.

As soon as we realized it was Louis, I called him over. He came with wagging tail and ready for me to pick him up. I immediately put him in my car because it seemed the only logical solution since my other hand was full and Ben had both hands full. As I put all my stuff on the seat, Louis stared out the window grinning like he was ready to come to work with me. Silly dog! He normally freaks when he sees the car (we're pretty sure he has car anxiety - he vomits just about every car ride we take) but showed no inkling of it this morning.

Boy am I going to miss that dog! At least we have good memories while he is here :) [For those who don't know, Ben and I decided it would be best to find a new home for him due to our crazy schedules, lack of time and attention able to give him, and impending baby coming home only to steal more time away from him. Unless something changes, God has provided a home through a great family from our church who will provide exactly what he needs and give him just as much if not more love than we do! He will be going home to them this Christmas.]

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