Exhausted just doesn't describe it...

...not to mention fail at the blog prompts :)

Sleeping these days seems to be a thing of the past. I guess it's prepping me for life with "Bean". I get some rest at night. A little here. A little there. Unfortunately though, nature calls many times a night and the wee hours of the morning frequently seem to have a staring contest with me (and shutting my eyes doesn't seem to help me lose :/).

On the positive note, Louis seems to be steadily growing out of his "puppiness" and hanging on the the concepts we're working on with him. We love the little dude and hopefully he will continue to become a well-behaved canine citizen. We unfortunately will look for a new home if he can't (come on Louis! We're rooting for you!). Sometimes I do find myself completely frustrated with him, but for now I'm trying to see that as God using it to mold me. It's very similar to child, in my opinion.

Well I'm gonna jet seeing as I'm nodding off as I type.


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