My Life's "Top 10"

Todays writing prompt comes from The Imagination Prompt Generator. I may prefer this just because I don't have a time limit on thinking (at least not a really short time of 60 seconds). :)

If I had 15 minutes to evacuate my home before it was to be destroyed by a hurricane, what 10 things would I grab (not including people or pets)

First off, I have to say that my take on them not allowing me to take people and pets is they are already coming with me :) I honestly could not leave without my hubby, my dog, or my to-be-born child so if they weren't coming, I wouldn't be leaving. Anyway, here is my list from least to most important to me (So just to explain why #10 is what it is, I started with one but wanted to save it for last. Thus, you have #10):

10) I honestly have no clue and am sick of thinking at this point

9) My favorite over-sized hoodie. I frequently get cold OR I just decide to cuddle up in something comfortable and that serves both purposes.

8) A few comfy outfits - can't do much or go many places without clothing!

7) My purse. It always holds several daily essentials.

6) My mock "moccasin" type shoes and chacos. My two favorite pair and I could wear one of them!

5) My hygiene products. Although I do occasionally skip a day, I really enjoy being clean both mouth-wise and body-wise.

4) My water bottle. I literally take it everywhere with me and find myself wondering why I left it at home when I forget it. About the only place it doesn't go with me is into a restaurant because I can order water in there :)

3) My photo albums and any pictures I had time to ransom from frames. I really enjoy being able to look at the snapshots of the memories and allow them to take me back.

2) Several books. I would probably just have to grab because since I really enjoy reading, I would have a very difficult time trying to pick specific ones.

1) My Bible. God is the reason I even exist. He is who I strive to live for on a daily basis and am nothing without Him. Not to mention I read it on a consistent basis and look to His word for guidance A LOT!

Well, there ya have it folks. 

This was much harder than I expected and honestly after about #4 I really struggled to think of what I would grab. I do know 100% #1 and #2 would hold true because those are actually items I have grabbed before in an "emergency" situation. I say it this way because some stupid freshman decided it would be funny to pull the fire alarm at 3am in my dorm my first year (it was an all freshman dorm) and when I finally came to, I ran out my room only to run back in for my back pack which held my Bible and the few books I was reading for pleasure at the time because I couldn't imagine what I would do without them if they burned. 

If you want, I would love to see what your "Top 10" are. Post a comment with the link to your blog or other site we can access to read.

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