It's been a while...

Over a month in fact. I rarely find or, even better yet, make time to sit and blog. I want to. I think about it...but that is where it stops. No fruition of the thought. Between an always 40+ hour work week and coming home to care for my "baby" (Louis still takes a lot of time), I rarely find myself sitting in front of a computer ready to type on something. Anything.

However, in light of the upcoming life, which is growing ever so rapidly, I thought it might do some good to somewhat bullet what has been happening in "Bean's" world in the past month or so:
  • You have taken me from being able to wear pre-pregnancy clothes, mainly bottoms, unbottoned with a belly band to not being able to fit most of them on. Yay for making those hips spread!
  • You are now fully showing to the world around you in your little "pouch", as all my coworkers have so graciously dubbed it. I like to say you're my little joey :)
  • Daddy felt you move for the first time yesterday. How it happened was so funny: I was sitting in the living room when I called out for him. He responded with a slightly frustrated, "I'm busy" voice but came. Was he ever glad he did! His eyes opened wide and a huge grin spread across his face. He then quickly walked away saying, "I'm gonna burn your egg!" (We love our daily breakfast egg!)
  • On that note, you move quite frequently now. I'm loving the bonding I get to have with you as I feel you grow (and yes I literally feel you stretching me) and I am able to feel your movements on a more consistent basis. You're currently moving quite a bit as I type this :)
  • You are using every bit of me you can to grow, including taking away some of my brain power. I have even found several incomplete thoughts in this post I have had to correct in order to be completely coherent.
  • I like to sing to you with or without music on. Hopefully, you will enjoy a lot of the music I listen to considering I typically pick what comes on around our home.
  • Daddy talks to you frequently. Nothing in particular, usually. Just saying hello to his little "Bean".
"Bean" I love you so much! It is hard to believe I love you so much and I have not even met you. You are such a precious treasure to me (and I'm sure to your Daddy, too)! I hope and pray all the time you will come to know and love the Lord with all of your being. I hope to be a mommy who helps you grow in Him, seeking His will for your life which culminates in His glory. I am learning so much right now. Life lessons which I will hopefully be able to pass on to you.

Hugs and kisses and lots o' love :)

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  1. I can't believe you're going to be a mommy!!! I can't wait to meet the little baby too :)


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