So here goes...

I have trouble knowing exactly what to write, especially because of 2 things: 1) my job is highly confidential and I want to protect the privacy of the patients considering if I were them I wouldn't want me news out everywhere and 2) my job is very similar every day with small twists: help those who need help. Simple enough but I find I struggle to really blog on a daily basis and since I don't always find something in my life or from my mind to blog, I don't maintain a regular blog.


I am going to try "The One-Minute Writer" blog prompts (link here). I may find this difficult as it only gives you a single minute to respond. Who knows. This may be the beginning of my "blogging career".

Today's prompt: Draw me a picture. Use words as your media.

She stares out over the meadow. Time has long since bent to her. She slowly rocks: back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. These moments of sweet silence to reckon with herself...

Well...I definitely am quite rusty. That was the beginning of my word picture and the ellipses shows where the timer went off. Better luck next time!

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