It's a GIRL!!

Yes indeed! I'm here to say motherly intuition played in and won out on this one: I would have guessed its a girl. I didn't really say such as I am not God and it was a guessing game for me until the sonogram showed. Zoë Grace is measuring perfectly for her due date of March 17, 2012!

At the very, very beginning of the pregnancy I thought I was carrying a boy, honestly more out of fear of needing to produce a male heir for Ben's family than anything. But I quickly opted to stay neutral for a while when I kept hearing all those "hard facts" busted (and as I realized more why I "thought" it was a boy). Ya know how if you carry low it's a boy, high it's a girl. Or if you're really nauseous it's a girl. Shoot I can't even remember all of them but I know I kept hearing all of the statements said in opposite too: "NO! If you carry low it's a girl and high it's a boy." Well, that about did it for me. I realized the baby is what it is and no matter how you carry or the heart beats or what not it's gender is what God designed for it to be. SO...

I quickly let go of thinking it was a boy and somewhere in there just "knew" it was a girl. I honestly didn't mind either way. I knew I would be happy as long as I heard "seems to be healthy" at my check-ups and when we found out. Today was just that.

Hopefully, the pregnancy will continue to progress as such with absolutely zero complications. I truly am blessed to be able to say that. The few uncomfortable, not-completely-normal aspects I have experienced are very minor in comparison to some and I will gladly live with them for 19 or so more weeks.

I have a feeling my little "Bean" is going to be a cuddle bug. EVERY ultrasound we have a snapshot of her laying on her side with her hand under her head. She at least likes to get comfy for sure!
 Zoë Grace with her hand (very hard to see) snugged up tight under her cheek :) So precious to me!

She also just LOVES to change position and see how flexible she can show herself off to be. There were several times we caught her with her legs pulled completely to her chest. We also caught her like this:
If you notice, that line above her head is her leg stretched completely out above her head! Silly girl!

Oh...and it was soo cute: just before the tech caught the first pic, we got to see her take a HUGE yawn. Then she snuggled up. Ben says she's going to be a little gymnast :)

To my Sweet Little "Bean":

Zoë you are already loved soooo much but no one will ever love you more than your mommy and daddy! Daddy is already talking about his need to purchase a shot gun and bat to ward off the boys :) It is my desire to raise you with a heart for the Lord ready to do just whatever He has designed for you. I hope and pray you continue to grow healthy and strong in your little cocoon. 

To give you an idea of what's going on in your world right now:
  • Your heart continues to beat healthy and strong at 144 bpm
  • You are extremely flexible, my dear, and LOVE to show it off :)
  • You have begun to practice swallowing and definitely like to yawn - we caught you take a big one just before you curled up for some sleep!
  • You weigh a whole 14 oz which Doc says is just right.

That's about all I'm able to think of right now as I am very sleepy. BUT - don't you ever forget Mommy loves you VERY VERY MUCH!! Can't wait to meet you sweet girl!

Love, Hugs, and Kisses,

P.S. Your cousin Brayden cannot wait to meet you. In fact, when Aunt Lindsey told him we found out you are a girl yesterday, he told her, "She needs to come out now!" :) I hope you guys will be good buddies (and that both B-man and Con-Con will protect you)!

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