I just looked at the date of my last post. HA!

At least I have been journaling quite a bit more. I just have not taken the time to even get on my computer. When I do, I don't stay on long enough to type a hello/goodbye sentence on here.

I find if I am home by myself that I am crawling into bed at 730/8. If Ben is here, I am spending much needed time with him due to his crazy work schedule.

Who knows the next time I will get back on here. It just depends on what my week looks like and how I feel, which right now is not very good as I am trying to ward off a full blown head/chest cold.

Zoë is growing well though. We had our 30 week check up on Thursday and doc said everything is looking good :) Always good news. She has even begun practicing being head down. Please Jesus, let it be permanent once she fully settles into my pelvis! That would be very nice.

'Til the next time folks.

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