A Quick Catch Up

As I just noticed my last post was almost a month ago I thought I could do a quick month in review. Life has been so absolutely  crazy around here with frequent schedule changes, appointments, and many different events, though some of them our normal weekly activities, filling up our time.

Zoë continues to grow well and my OB visits have been great. My two big "problems" right now are 1) ankle swelling, yet thankfully no kankles yet :) and 2) irregular BMs. For the first I've been told to intake more fluids and keep my feet elevated. Thankfully, as I work on the phones for my doctor it is a bit easier to keep them propped up. For the latter, I've been told to increase fluid intake as I'm already taking 2000 mg (2g) total of fiber daily. The unfornate part of the fluid increase: I already drank 4-5 32 oz bottles of water daily. Increase to what? 6-8 of them. My body is adjusting but I definitely feel like a fish out of water at times. I didn't know one body could take in so many fluids! I have my last "2 week" check-up this week and begin weeklies the following week. I cannot believe how quickly time is flying past!

In continuation with baby update, this past month has consisted of many blessings. God has blessed us through many family, friends and aquaintences to provide us with our stroller, crib, infant seat, bouncy seat, a plethera of clothes, diapers, to name a few.

Life has been hard and extremely busy, but good! This past week even seems a blur. I am hoping that after this next week, which also presents many schedule changes, there will be a bit of "down time" to be had before Zoë arrives. I am excited and nervous about all the newness getting ready to take place, but even more than that I want time to be with Ben just us before our world is changed forever. In a good way, but changed none the less.

Part of me is grieving over knowing we will be losing our time to just be a couple. The time for him to come home where we only have ourselves and the time God has given us to continue to grow this new relationship. I know God would not have allowed this at this time had He not thought we were ready. I know we will still have time for just us because we will fight for it so that our relationship does not lose it's focus on God and then each other but my heart aches for the time to just be one with each other with nothing else fighting for our attention. I hope we will use the little time we have left like this to its greatest advantage.

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