Growing Pains

Sweet Little Bean,

I am ready to meet you. At this moment I wish I could say it is solely because I wish to meet you, but alas it is not. You have overjoyed in finding every position to make my entire back sore; not just my lower back because I carry you "all out front" as everyone loves to comment on. I am learning just how stubborn you may be as it has become your fancy to punch and/or kick me after I relieve your "pillow" (aka my bladder). You seem to grow in the middle of an already tight Braxton-Hicks, which is exactly the moment I wonder if I'm going to pop because it seems my body cannot physically stretch any more. The heart burn from everything including water rages my throat with a burning pain. Oh and you have completely cramped out my innards so that going to the bathroom is top priority and yet seems highly unattainable these days. It is for this last reason I drink unreasonable amounts of water. Thankfully that is doing it's job to keep my system flushed and help me to lose retained fluid quite easily with propped up feet. All of this is why I am oh so ready to meet you at this very present moment.

And although all these not-so-wonderful situations are quite annoying, they are ever so trivial in the grand scheme of your development and I am beyond grateful they are my only "problems". I would take all those discomforts any day with the blessing I have knowing you are developing properly in your cozy first home. Even though I wish you will come before your EDD, I am glad to know everything seems to be just fine for you in there. Keep growing little one! Soon you will be in my arms and I know some part of me will miss all my current discomforts because I will no longer have you attached to me 24/7. BUT that is exactly how I want it, for without you here in this world the entire purpose of carrying you is void, and hope God will bless you with a healthy little life.


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