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So my sister, A Dollop of My Life, is doing a nifty link-up for Valentine's day. I thought I would join in on the fun just because I liked the idea. Some of you may, however, find more incentive in that she is doing a give away with the link-up. So for those who wish to share the love:

And now for my letters:

To Ben, My Prince Charming:

I am ever so thankful to have you in my life! Although it is only a short time we've been together, I am grateful for the memories we've made and shared so far. I can only hope God will grant us many, many more.

I am continually reminded of how wonderful a husband I have. 

All the hard work you have put forth to ensure our family is provided for is such a blessing. You heart is truly in it and I am pretty sure I have never heard a complaint from your lips about the amount of work you have set before you. Knowing you love me in this way means so much to me. There are many times I wish you did not have to and yet I am ever grateful knowing it is because your heart for God and your love for me and our little Zoë you work so diligently. I hope and pray God will bless you ten fold for your diligent heart.

Your servant heart has blessed me tremendously throughout this pregnancy. The way you have stepped up to help with preparing our lunches, fixing breakfast, and ensuring I was getting my morning protein all while making sure I am cared for is forever etched in my memory. And to know you do it solely because you love me. You do not seek any self-gain in any form because you help with these duties.

I cannot wait to see you with Zoë! To see you become excited as we've put up the crib, washed clothes, and put together many of her other "appliances"gives me warm fuzzies :) You are going to be such an awesome dad! The love you show for her now I know will only grow. And not to mention the smiles brought to my face when you ask if you're going to be able to take her on dates. You may not feel like it but our daughter will be so blessed to be able to call you her Daddy!

Thank you for loving me the way you do! I am soo blessed Ben to call you mine!



To My Little Zoë:

I cannot believe your time to join us in this world is drawing close!

You continue to grow and find new ways to "cuddle". At least that's what I call it. My guess is you will love being held close when you're with us. You have found every tight spot you can to scooch in to just to be closer.

I love you so deeply! I didn't even know I could love you this much before I have met you. I hope that you will know how much you are loved. I pray I will be able to love you for who you are, not working to change your personality but to help cultivate it so you become a woman of God.

Little Bean I hope and pray you continue to grow healthy and strong and enter this world so. You are so precious to me!


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