Gettin' Closer...

...and she's HEAD DOWN! We had another great check-up today AND I'm stoked: my OB said she is head down and will likely stay that way. He also said he will definitely be able to tell next week which starts weekly visits and the wonderful pelvic/internal exams :) 34 1/2 weeks down. Only 6 1/2 to EDD (Dear God, PLEASE let her come on time!)!!

I cannot believe how time has flown! The closer it gets the more excited and nervous I become. The little Bean has become quite large and takes most of my space up. Can't really complain though because that is better than the alternative of her not growing. And on top of it all, the only real problem I've had is lower extremity edema which my OB said is normal and is of no concern because I'm getting plenty of fluids (I would die if he had said otherwise as I have upped my fluid intake to 6 1/2 to 7 32-oz bottles of water/day. That's 208 to 224 fluid ozs a day folks) and my blood pressure is great! Eating healthy, walking the stairs multiple times a day, and good genes are paying off.

Let the clock keep tickin' :)

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