A Day to Cherish

Nothing way out of the ordinary happened. The hubby and I don't get into all the over-commercialized holiday garb of Valentine's Day. In fact, we didn't even buy anything for one another. He did make a really really sweet card and draw an awesome picture on the front of it (I grabbed one of those artsy-fartsy folk and I LOVE THAT ABOUT HIM). Melt. My. Heart. I teared up when I saw it and read it.

However, with that said, it is probably the last day, for a while, we will get to spend just for ourselves. All alone, wrapped up in each other and dreaming together. I'm not saying that will go away once Zoë is born. It just may not be as frequent for a while considering our budget is tight so an entire day of aloneness will be a rareity. But today was oh so sweet. Time to just enjoy one another. He is always off on Tuesdays as his "weekend" is Sunday and Tuesday off from both jobs. We couldn't do an actual weekend get-away as there is almost NO way for him to get off at FedEx on Saturday, plus he needs to save the vacation for little bean's arrival. So I took off from work today and we simply enjoyed being together.

Getting up late.

Surprising mom with a bouquet from us and my older sister and bro-in-law.

Eating out at a nice restaurant.

Purchasing the paints so I can finish Zoë's canvas painting which will be hung above her crib.

Going to the movie.



Cherishing the time we have with one another by just being with one another.

This day will forever be tucked into my memory. A sweet blessing from my Heavenly Father who loves me greatly and has blessed me far beyond my wildest dreams!

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