To "Decluttering" My Mind

My title hits the nail on the head with what I feel should be a top priority in my life right now. I was reading Little Mrs. Married's blog from yesterday and it got me thinking:

I find myself constantly half-heartedly trudging through my emotions and thoughts on a frequent basis. I rarely take the time to delve into them whether solely in thought or by penning them down for my continually growing self. It isn't that I don't process my thoughts and/or emotions at all; it's more like I simply push them aside whether from extreme fatigue (and let's face it I'm running on low a lot right now between my high stress job and 29 weeks of pregnancy), not wanting to face what may be on the other side, or life's many distractions taking over so that I quickly walk away leaving myself with a sticky-note promise - "FOR LATER REVIEW". But I never make it back. It sits and waits for hours. Then days which sometimes become months.

I understand there will be times for fatigue and schedules to push the delving aside. I just do it too much. Thus, as time passes, the "clutter" of thoughts and emotions begin to build up until I have a hefty pool begging me to drink deeply before it floods over becoming utter chaos. The sad part is sometimes I lose the happy thoughts in the midst of the treacherous tempests and when I go back only the tempest is left to be found. It has swallowed the good with it.

So all this to say, I want to try to take the time on a consistent basis to journal for my own personal sake. It may end up on my blog at times but it at least should (hopefully) find it's way to a page in my personal journal or etched into my memory. I do have to say, however, a paper journal would do more justice as memory is every changing and fading and sometimes hormones make storing a memory almost virtually impossible :]

Thus, here is to "decluttering" my mind and striving to keep it that way!

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