2 Weeks Old

So as far as photogs go, I am not one. I am a terrible mother in said field. But I'm ok with that. I will get pictures when I can and right now that is not the first thing on my mind.


I say that because I have no cute picture to post of my wee one for her 2 week birthday. But I have some wonderful stats from her 2 week check up :)

14 inch head circumference (grew 1/2 inch since birth)

21 1/2 inches long (another 1/2 in gained)

and 7 lbs 15 oz! (that is from her 7 lbs 3 oz at discharge or 7 lbs 4 oz taken 8 days ago and healthy as a horse as that surpasses her birth weight of 7 lbs 10.1 oz :D)

This momma is a happy momma. Not to mention, if we would let her, she would sleep through the night. If that pattern continues, in about 2 more weeks I will be back to getting a more normal sleep schedule with the exception of growth spurts.

Thank you Jesus for a healthy, growing baby girl!

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