33/34 Weeks [A Bumpdate]

 33 Weeks (Notice the little hand reaching up? Yeah, the story of my life these past few weeks is "Mommy! Hold you!" which in Zoë language translates to "Mommy, I want you to hold me while you're standing up. No sitting down." Needless to say "no" has to be the answer sometimes.)

34 weeks

How Far Along: I am 34 weeks and 5 days. 37 days until I'm 40 weeks! (Holy smokes I'm at the end of this pregnancy!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: This makes me sad...mostly because I gained 9 pounds in two weeks. Boo hiss! I had an appointment this past week and I had gained a total of 34 pounds. I know for some this doesn't seem like much, but that is what I gained total with Zoë. Hoping to not make that my track record.

Food Aversions (and "no nos"): Bananas.

Gimme' some of that!: So I'm not sure if it was this past week or during my 33rd week but I had a strong craving but didn't know what it was for. I had to run to the grocery store for something else, saw sushi, and knew that's what I was craving. So I bought a crunchy california roll and man did it hit the spot!

How I Feel: Exhausted. It doesn't help that this past weekend I've come down with an awful cold/sinus infection with all the drainage running into my ears. Needless to say all I want to do is lie around the house.

Maternity Clothes: Yes with many of the tops not being long enough anymore. Not enjoying that problem one bit.

Movement: Pretty much the same. She's not crazy active but she has her moments where I'll get several kicks, jabs, and looks-like-an-alien-invading-my-middle moments.

Sleep: I'm up using the bathroom way too many times to count. On top of that, the insomnia is back. Thus between the two I'm not getting very good sleep.

What I Miss: Not having to prop my feet up to drain the fluid from them. (The swelling is awful right now and nothing helps except for elevating my feet.) Also, I miss being able to lie comfortably in bed and hate it feeling like it takes forever to move myself to a different position when one becomes uncomfortable.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Counting down the days until I have a precious baby in my arms. Aubrey will never replace the one we lost, nor have I ever expected that ache to go away, but I know there is some healing in having a baby after a miscarriage.

Favorite Moment of the Week: This week Zoë has been running around the house singing. The other night, as Ben and I were singing with her before we left her room, she burst into full song singing "Jesus Loves Me". Melt. my. mommy. heart! We're definitely really starting to get full swing into the "terribles" (I'm going to call it that because I've been told it extends past the age of 2.) and sometimes I want to pull my hair out. But those moments where you can see just how sweet of a heart resides inside the screamer makes me not want to trade any of it for the world. Precious, precious memory!

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