36 Weeks [A Bumpdate]

How Far Along: I am 36 weeks and 5 days. 23 days until I'm 40 weeks!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 29 pounds. Heck yes! I actually lost weight between my 34 and 36 week check. I was overjoyed. I'm still pretty stoked! Now to hope I've only gained a pound or two when I go in for my appointment this week. Ha!

Food Aversions (and "no nos"): Nothing has changed here. I might as well write off Bananas until the end of this pregnancy and then I may not be able to eat them after anyway. Not sure if I've said this before or not, but I'm no fan of bananas period. The only reason I eat them during pregnancy (well...I did when I was pregnant with Zoë) and while I'm breastfeeding is because it's been said it will help with a child having taste for what you eat and I would love to not argue over fruits and veggies. Especially bananas considering they are one of the cheapest, easy to obtain fruits out there.

Gimme' some of that!: Potato chips. Why can't I crave anything actually good for me this pregnancy? I mean, seriously!

How I Feel: Exhausted. Like she has no more room to grow. As though people stare at me and wonder if I'm going to drop a baby right there in the middle of the grocery store. I'm kind of wanting to go into hiding. No, I'm not joking.

Maternity Clothes: This is another reason I want to go into hiding. Most of my tops are too short. They don't cover and look quite strange on even with a cami. Plus, yoga pants and comfy pants feel so much better than regular clothes. Not that my maternity pants don't fit, thank the Lord! I think I really would hide if I my maternity pants weren't fitting right, too!

Movement: Let's just say we see body parts moving across my middle. It's definitely there.

Sleep: Not so great. It probably doesn't help that it takes forever just for me to get myself out of bed. I'm really trying to avoid sleeping on the couch, but I'm not sure I will be able to. I've already stolen Zoë's step stool so I can get in and out of our bed. (Our bed is up a little more than most so we can use underneath as storage.)

What I Miss: Easily getting comfortable. Not worrying about my swollen limbs. Being able to carry Zoë without worrying about if it will be enough time for her. Easily sitting on the floor with her and not being distracted by the discomfort of every position I try to sit in. 

What I'm Looking Forward To: Having Aubrey in my arms. Being a family of four. Watching Zoë step into her role as a big sister. Being able to enjoy time with Zoë, when I do have it, without the discomforts of full term pregnancy. 

Favorite Moment of the Week: To many of you this may sound crazy, but honestly the highlight of this past week was finding out my doctor doesn't start checking for progress until 38 weeks. The more I ask questions and have office visits with my doctor, the more I am convinced God laid His entire hand on how everything panned out with my care for this pregnancy. I am beyond grateful to have an OB who is willing to let my body do it's thing and treat pregnancy and birth for what they are when there aren't risks involved: perfectly normal.

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