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Today I wanted to share the meaning behind Aubrey's name. Though I'm slightly hesitant because the book Ben and I choose names from lists two different origins with two different meanings for her first name. And though Ben likes names to have character behind the meaning, the second meaning listed doesn't bother him. But it bothers me. Because I am not so fond of naming my daughter Aubrey when it means "elf ruler". And if you search online, the only origin you can find is French which is the one meaning elf ruler.

Anyone with me on not jumping to give your daughter a name meaning elf ruler?

Well, I guess what matters is I know the meaning we named her for.

So let's have out with it.


Aubrey, when traced back to Germanic origin, means "noble". Noble, by definition, means "having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals."

Kate is Greek in origin. It means "pure, blessed". Pure means "not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material. Blessed has two different meanings: as an adjective it means "made holy; consecrated." As a noun it means "those who live with God in heaven."

Our hearts desire for Aubrey is that she will grow into a young woman with high moral principles and ideals. Hopefully, based on a heart for Christ. With that heart for Christ, we hope she will remain pure in her commitment for Him, living a life set apart for His glory.

So while she is but a wee babe now, I find myself silently asking God to draw her heart to Him. It would be my ultimate joy as her mother.

And completely beside the point, for those of you who enjoy reading birth stories as much as I do, be looking out for Aubrey's birth story. Can't give a promised date, but it's in the workings and I will be posting it within the next week.

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