Finished...Maybe I'll Read it Again


That's about what my mind thinks whenever I begin processing the book I just completed: A Love that Multiplies by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

I couldn't get enough of it as I read page after page after page. And now that I'm done, I kind of want to pick it back up again. (I think I need to pray for a thirst and hunger to read the Bible like that. What is it about other books that attract most of us so much more?)

The Duggars have worked so hard to be, what seems, such a close knit family. Even though I don't agree 100% with everything they do because of some differences, I have a lot of respect for the way they strive to live, discpline their children, and the fact they are debt free. (That is serious! Especially in this day and age.)

I find I could use some of their child-rearing techniques with my dog. (Maybe I'm crazy, but I sure do feel like he pushes me to my limits and makes me boil over easier than I would like to admit.) Even today he tested me by ringing the bells (our signal he has to go potty) what seemed to be EVERY 5 MINUTES because he wanted to be outside in the 97 degree weather. No thank you! I will not have it, but he just sat their and smiled at me like, "See mom, this could be really fun if you just pant and enjoy the rays. See?"

And their grocery bill: what is it they purchase and how to they keep it stocked just right so that they don't go overbudget? Not that I go over budget, but there are times I wonder if we're going to make it within the limits. Maybe we need to go on a rice and beans diet :) Something cheap, because meat definitely isn't. Although I must pat myself on the back for the occasional sales I will hit and get a $11 bottom round roast for a little under $6. And produce? Not the cheapest. I always get the cheaper items but that still doesn't seem to cut it back so great at times.

I'm trying to get into couponing. It takes a lot of energy though. Energy I can't seem to find after a 40+ hour work week. I come home so pooped all I can think is, "Food in mouth. Feed dog. Take dog out. Clean mouth. Go to bed." My older sis has shown me a great resource for this, Passion for Savings. If you sign up for the updates she can keep you up on coupons that are coming out, sales, and maximizing all your info to get the best prices on everything. And yet, I still find myself struggling to get there. I do well if I can find a coupon or two that I can use on the items I have to get.

My brain is all over the place...started with talking about a book and ended with couponing. I think I'm going to go relax...

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