My aren't You Growing!

So I've been a nervous wreck (to put it nicely) with all the emotions compiled into one human upon discovering you're pregnant. Maybe not everyone gets this way, but I have been:

1) overwhelmed completely

2) anxious

3) a worry wart

4) a teensy bit excited

5) more concerned about a healthy pregnancy than "what on earth am I going to do?! I'm going to be a mom?!?!"

Tomorrow marks week 6 and I must say I can certainly tell by how I feel. Not just the emotions but the indigestion, bloating/gas, nausea at times, EXTREME sensitivity to smell or the mere thought of them. And if that isn't enough, my hormone levels have jumped from a mere 1350 last Friday to 11,223 today (which is in normal range for 6 weeks gestastional age). The great news compiled into that last bit though is: typically with levels growing as they are, it also means the little one is progresing as it should. Thank you, Lord!

I may be worried about something I cannot handle and constantly asking God to renew His peace, patience, and a will to depend solely on Him, but if the levels are a God-given indicator that everything is a-ok...well then, why on earth am I worrying? It strangely brought a serene peace this afternoon when my OB's nurse called me to give me my levels and schedule my first ultrasound (US) and appointment. I may be overwhelmed with the surprise of this, but I sure am more concerned about a healthy little baby growing!

Jesus, thank you for calming my fears. Please help keep all others that will arise at bay.

And little one, may I care for you as best I can by caring for myself as best I can. Your Daddy prays for you every morning (and I'm sure much more as I find myself constantly praying for you and that I will be a good Mommy)! You are loved already!

BTW - our first food I have found to do us in and it unfortunately sounds and SMELLS soooo appealing: Pizza. What a bummer, because we sure do seem to want it when I smell it :)

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