Sit. Relax. Quiet.

Ahhh yes!

What I long for at the end of each crazy day at work. The place you never know who you will be caring for or what remedies they will be seeking. Your "home away from home" that you may not want to truly be at. No matter how I feel though, I am always finding myself so ready to go home.

To be with my way chill husband and exceptionally chill puppy. To sit at the computer and not think about anything else. Or to pick up a book and enter an entire world not my own, but seemingly live there for the time my head is in it.

And of all situations, today is Friday. That is right: the night I can go to bed and not worry about how much sleep I got - I can sleep in if insomnia attacks!


Soaking in the peacefulness of a completely unplanned, quiet Friday evening. I think I'm off to enjoy A Love that Multiplies  by Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar. 


  1. how are you liking that book? I finished in days. But I think I am mildy obsessed with them :) Love you!

  2. I'm really liking it! I can't say I will have finished it in days but then again if you take the time I have had to read it, yeah...you could say days :) You can tell they've really worked hard to get where they are. WOW! Don't want that many kids but def a lot to be said for how they've done it!


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