31 Weeks [A Bumpdate]

Nah...I'm not tired at all. I just look like I didn't sleep the night before this pic. That's all...

How Far Along: I am 31 weeks and 5 days58 days until I'm 40 weeks.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'll find out "officially" tomorrow, but according to my scale I'm at a 24 pound weight gain. Not going to complain about that. I only have 8 weeks left. I'll be exactly at the same weight gain I had with Zoë if I only gain a pound a week here on out and I go the full 40 weeks.

Food Aversions (and "no nos"): Still only bananas as far as aversions go. However, anything with a lot of red sauce makes my heart burn awful. Thus I generally try to stay away from any food I know will cause indigestion.

Gimme' some of that!: I couldn't get my mind off of ice cream last night. So much so I made Ben run to the closest place with anything close to ice cream to get me some at 9 pm last night :) Aside from that no cravings in the past week.

How I Feel: Exhausted, though it isn't just the pregnancy making me worn. 

Maternity Clothes: Does this one even need to be answered? I mean...I'm thinking by the above picture it's obvious. Maybe I just need to remove this questions. Ha!

Movement: Yep. Alien like. If she presses into my anterior abdomen hard enough you can tell if it's her bum or foot :)

Sleep: This is hit and miss. No rhyme or reason to it. 

What I Miss: Right now my biggest aggrevation is my sinuses. Nothing to do with pregnancy Mostly because of the weather going from 32 degrees to 70 degrees as the highs off and on, but also because my capillaries are bursting and causing wonderful blockages in my sinus passages. Woo!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Aubrey baby joining our family. The more we prepare and I write out my birth plan and we discuss details, the more I'm realizing this is happening and God has, as far as we know, blessed us with another little life to join our family. My arms won't ache to hold her until eternity, my hope is in just a few short weeks, they will hold her!

Favorite Moment of the Week: You guys, I'm doing well to make it through the week keeping everyone in my family alive. That's my favorite "moment": successfully keeping our home in tact. 

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